S E T P O I N T  Inc



S E T P O I N T, Inc. is a USA based engineering, technology and fabrication firm specializing in showcase solutions for the amusement park industry.  We have expertise in mechanical, electrical, and structural design and analysis.  Additionally, we fabricate and commission complete ride and show systems. We have over 150 years of amusement ride experience and have directly participated in over 60 major amusement industry projects.


Welcome to  S E T P O I N T

“Somewhere, deep inside is that eight-year-old.  Sometimes, you catch glimpses of your former self.  Something strikes you as funny and you find yourself giggling uncontrollably.  Or maybe you catch glimpses of your eight-year-old self in your own children.  The point is, eight-year-olds love a good ride, and good rides make everyone else want to be eight again."

~ S E T P O I N T

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